Terms of use

You are welcome to use Ektshaf platform, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions so please see these terms carefully. If you do not agree with these terms, you should not look at the information provided in the Ektshaf platform .

( 1 ) All resources and news contained in the Ektshaf platform are displayed "as is" without any warranty and use of the platform services or your application of one of the explanations and articles located at your own risk only.

( 2 ) You also do not abide by the Ektshaf platform functions of management by any officials or compensate for any errors resulting from your use of the platform, one of its services or contents, and disclaims any contracts or agreements concluded independently between users or any other party.

Policy comments in the platform

The site provides the ability to comment on the content in the platform. You, as well as all users, have the right to participate in the commentary with these points:

( 1 ) You must not post any content that may be harmful, unlawful, defamatory, abusive, abusive, inciting, dirty, harassing or otherwise.

( 2 ) You are solely responsible for the comments you share. The intellectual property rights of the comments remain registered to you. However, the platform has the right to reuse the comments in any activity related to the code without having to request prior permission from the commentator, provided that he mentions the name of the commentator and does not modify the commentary in a way that leads to distortion in its meaning. To comment on the platform, it is best to mention your personal name.
( 3 ) You can use an alias, but never allow a person or entity to be impersonated. Prefer your real email when commenting. The platform is committed to not using this mail in any activity other than personal correspondence. You shall not deliver your mail to any third party without your prior permission.
( 4 ) You must not modify or adapt the platform or use it in any illegal manner or in any other manner that could harm or disrupt the platform.
The platform collects some of your data, such as browser type, operating system, IP number, etc. The aim of this data collection is to improve the level of service.
( 5 ) The platform may share such data with a third party without linking such data with your personal identity.

This Agreement may change from time to time as I deem appropriate to the purpose of the Code, so please review and adhere to it.

Evacuation responsibility

( 1 ) Posting advertisements for products or services and advertising links does not mean that you are endorsing them, nor do I provide any quality assurance regarding them.
( 2 ) View platform reviews for sites and institutions. These reviews may be paid and may be free and others may use affiliate links that allow me to charge a certain commission if you subscribe or buy from that link. I make these reviews based on the information I get from the marketing managers of these sites and institutions, or from private experience or through general information, and I do not give you any special guarantees regarding the quality of products or services.

( 3 ) In addition, I will be aware of the testimonies and documents that indicate the level and competencies, but I do not guarantee their validity 100%. Therefore, any inaccuracies are the responsibility of the owners. We do not take responsibility for damages. Which may be the result of the lack of good application of some explanations.

Types of videos accepted on the platform

In the ektshaf platform, only videos that showcase talents to users will be accepted. Any other videos that do not contain content that shows the talent of the person who uploaded the video will not be accepted. The videos that users will upload to the platform will be manually reviewed by the work team In the platform to ensure that the videos meet the specifications required for uploading the videos to the platform.

( 1 ) Video duration

In the ektshaf platform, videos with a duration of 1 minute to 4 minutes maximum will be accepted. There will be a size specified by the platform for the videos that will be uploaded to the platform. The size of the video was determined based on the required duration in the videos, which was determined from one minute Up to 4 minutes only. Any video longer than that will not be accepted on the platform.

( 2 ) Video size

The maximum size of the videos that will be accepted on the platform is 96 megabytes per video. Any video that exceeds this size will not be accepted on the platform, as an automatic system has been set up to determine the size of the videos uploaded to the platform by users to not be more than 96 megabytes Byte.

How to make a profit from paid ads on your videos?

The same is the for YouTube with Google Adsense. Where each YouTube channel owner can activate the profits on his channel to profit from Google Adsense ads that are displayed inside his videos. We also offer the same idea on the ektshaf platform. We allow the owners of channels or accounts in the platform to activate the profit from paid ads on their videos, as part of the support plan provided by the platform to them.

Conditions for activating profit through videos in the platform

An ektshaf platform, like all platforms, follows the same advertising policy and the policy of activating the profit on the private videos of each user on the platform. But here we are supporting talents, so the conditions for activating the profit will not be difficult conditions such as YouTube, Tik Tok, or other platforms. And here are the conditions for activating the profit on videos in the platform:

( 1 ) Get 1000 followers for your channel or account
( 2 ) Your account on the platform has been activated by confirming the email
( 3 ) verify your identity on the platform

Advantages of activating the earnings system in your videos

The ektshaf platform is the first platform that follows a new profit method and is different from the rest of the platforms that exist on the Internet, on top of which is the YouTube platform. And here is the reason why our platform is the best profit system that you will use on the Internet

( 1 ) You will be able to profit from the paid ads that are shown on your videos on the platform.
( 2 ) You will be able to sell your videos to viewers (you set a price for the video that the viewer pays you to watch the video content).
( 3 ) earn from subscribing to your channel (in order for others to follow you, they must pay you the amount you specify).
( 1 ) Your video rental system will be available to the user (every video has the property rights of its owner. You can rent or sell it for a price).
( 4 ) It will be available to the user or the owner of the video to specify which video he wants to activate the profits through the new video upload settings that will appear after accepting your request to activate the profits.
( 5 ) It will also be available for the user to stop the earnings system on videos at any time as he wants.

Approve the terms of use

Your use and browsing of the platform means your full acceptance of all the conditions contained in this page. If you do not agree to the terms on this page, you are not allowed to browse and view the contents of this page and you should stop using it now.